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Na Hi Shiva Sneha | Damaru | Adiyogi Chants | Sounds of Isha

Sadhguru’s poem: He is not love. Nor is He compassion. Seek Him not for comfort. For He is the completion. I prided in a heart. Strong and stable as a Rock. Then He came uninvited, made my heart beat and bleed. For every creature and the Rocks. One hundred and twelve tricks. To beat the mortal coil. But trapped me in these tricks. The willy one, now I am tricked. I can neither think nor do anything. That is for Me or of Me. After having heard all the sweet sounds. After having seen all the Great sights. After knowing all the lovely sensations. I lost all my sense for Him, the One who is not but IS like no other. Don’t you trust the still one. He drew Me in with his stillness. Me thought He is the way. Be warned He is the End.